Style Guide

Janice Hall McCaskill (Ecinja) born in Tampa, Florida and is one of the premier new contemporary artist in the world. Using paint and mixed media, vivid characters and powerful colors, she encourages the observer to dream and create their own stories from the paintings before them. As an alternative to the general title of artist, McCaskill prefers the term “colourist”, which reflects her mystical command of the color spectrum in her works. McCaskill’s paintings display the “colorful” lives of each character in every stroke of paint, allowing the observer to breathe life into the painting with their own imagination and life experiences. Her paintings engender sort of an “emotional dream” for the observer, rather than the typical apathetic response received from most static works of art.

Her bold and unique style has quickly gained worldwide recognition. Her exciting “colourist” expressions have earned her numerous awards over the last few years and art galleries from around the world aggressively seek McCaskill out to display her works.

Ecinja’s main painting style includes oil to mixed medium.