21 Day Get Your Draws On Art Challenge

Day 1

What’s Up?

Over the next 21 days, starting today November 1, 2021, I will begin to challenge my painting techniques by adding more movement, energy and brushstrokes.
Each day, my task will be to start and finish a new painting by the end of day with this challenge techniques.
Wow! This is going to be hard to do but I’m game for change.
It’s really going to be a challenge for me because sometimes a painting may take me longer than I originally anticipated it would.
So, I have decided to incorporate gestural painting which I also call it “Draws” into my artwork. I call it draws because I’m using my paintbrush to draw instead of a pencil. I don’t ever use a pencil to sketch anyway, I like to skip that step, jump in an get started painting.
I will give you updates and show you my progress throughout the day.
Okay, It time to get your draws on!

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