No Traces

                                                                                    No Trace

                                                                         (Boundless Creations)

My paintings are created from laying down an idea on the canvas without a trace.  First, I don’t waste time sketching or drawing what I want to paint, I just jump right in and paint. I figure why draw out something to paint? Right?  I find without tracing or sketching, I set no mental or physical boundaries or preconceived notions that could limit my ability to expound and experiment with an idea about a painting.

This technique gives me the freedom to create a livelier piece with movement rather than a piece with a static, fill in the blank or stay within the lines idea.

My favorite artists are Alice Neel, and Egon Schiele because I love the spontaneity in their work.

For me, the creative process flows when there are no lines and the results are boldly colorful narratives of people and places that I love.

12,794 Replies to “No Traces”

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