A Displaced Artist Never Gives Up

Today, I find myself in a qaundary, wondering what to do while stuck here in New Orleans.. You see, the results of Hurricane Michael seemingly left me powerless. No, literally, while I was away on my art tour in New York City, Columbus, Ohio and New Orleans, Louisiana,  and Quincy, Florida where live took a direct hit from Hurricane Michael on October 10, 2018.  The city still remains without power and I’m unable to go back home at this time. There, I !eft unfinished paintings on easels, sketches on paper and color palettes all awaiting my return for me to complete that masterpiece. So I thought,  “Why cry over spilled milk”,…” I can’t put the egg back inoi the shell” , and ya da ya da. None the less,  I concluded that a real artist always finds away to release their creativity and explore new ideas even in the midst of adversity.  And so, I drove to the nearest art supply store, Mo’s Art Supply and bought canvases, brushes and paints. Now, its time to get busy . Level up! I’ve made an amazing discovery about me as an artist. “Art lies within”. So no matter was the circumstances I find myself, I will always make art. Displaced….but won’t give up!